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    Any photos and info on my grandfather's unit: Romanian Royal Palace Guard Battalion (1937-1940);
    Any photos and info on my great-grandfather's unit: K.u.k. Feldjägerbataillon Nr. 28 (1912-1918);
    Romanian army WW1 & WW2 photos, WW1 photos of Romanians in K.u.k & Imperial Russian army's.
    Collecting WW1 & WW2 bayonets, photos and postcards.

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  1. Yes, nice collection of photos stretching from 1930 to 1944. Some of the epaulettes insignia does point to 5th Roșiori Regiment (9th Cavalry Division). Banat is a region, Arad and Lugoj are towns on this region of interbelic Romania.
  2. Yes, you are right, here is the text: EPITROPIA GENERALĂ A SPITALELOR SF. SPIRIDON Spitalul Cental Iași
  3. Yes. Ghiță could be short for Gheorghe, I never was good with this name shorting thing, maybe I'm dyslectic or something. :)
  4. Does anybody know what the armband of this motorcycle rider stands for? Thanks! Photo is taken in Romania in autumn of 1944. Source: here
  5. 1. Sublo. Cocargeanu(?) G. // Dl. Locot. Popescu === Sub-lieutenant Cocargeanu(?) G.(this is the chap in the photo) // (for) Mr. Lieutenant Popescu 2. De la fratele Ghiță // Mitică Chiriac === From brother Ghiță (this is the chap in the photo) // Mitică Chiriac
  6. Spiked leather helmets were worn by gendarmes and border guards, here you probably have a border guard sub-lieutenant in a M1912 gala uniform.
  7. VJK - thanks! So, if he was promoted general de divizie in 1 april 1933, then, the man in the first photo cannot be general Nicolae Uică.
  8. I've checked my sources and its quite possible that he is general Nicolae Uică, he was involved with the Border Guards since WW1, in 1918 he was a colonel.
  9. Border Guards (grăniceri) in the rank of general (general de divizie), uniform seems to be M1921/23 or M1927 in khaki color, the distinctive green collar suggests a ceremony uniform, collar insignia indicates he was a staff officer, photo is taken somewhere between 1921 and 1930.
  10. You're welcome Andrew! PS. in the meanwhile I did my best to translate the second paragraph (see above).
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