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  1. Even was the completion of the Tannenberg Denkmal in 1927 GenMj Johannes Kahns in the middle was the initiator of the Denkmal project. Hindenburg's son Oskar behind him
  2. So the first commander in Photo # 2 was Bogislav Graf v Schwerin. Since he was division commander for the most part of the war, "my last day" suggested the staff officer left for another unit.
  3. That's because you have mixed up GenLt Georg Friedrich Wilhelm Graf v Waldersee 01.09.1860 - 09.07.1932 He was Gouv v Sevastopol 10.10.18 with GenMj Gustav Graf v Waldersee 21.09.1864 - 23.10.1945 He was Gouv v Brest-Litovsk You man was Gustav, not Georg
  4. The senior KuK general was FM Eduard Böhm-Ermoli. Sanwiched on the left by FlüAdj KvKp Nikolaus Burggraf u Graf z Dohna-Schlodien and the right by Obst Fürst Hans Heinrich XV v Pless, in Hussar uniform, a Kaiser confidante that went everywhere with him
  5. The same top picture in a konvolut was on Ebay recently, partly captioned, and with mistakes. He was mis-captioned as Gen Kiterlen-Waechter (a diplomat). In fact he was Paul Friedrich Wilhelm Drabich-Waechter Kdmr of 2 Ldw Div
  6. It's GenLt Ludwig Ritter v Tutscheck, Kmdr of Deutsche AlpenskorpsYou can see he was wearing MMJO and then PLM on the left, whereas on the right juts PLM. Bruststern for BMVK and EK1 otherwise in same position .... you can see in fact same ordensspange. Elwyn
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