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  1. Came across another copy of the photo. https://livesofthefirstworldwar.iwm.org.uk/lifestory/977280 The photo is also in the collection of the Imperial war Museum in London as regards the life story of John Hubert Courage.
  2. Hi Jim, Thanks for that. OK. The Canadian Officers Prisoners in Germany photograph is taken at Mainz Citadel. You can see Mainz Cathedral in the background. There were four Canadian officers from the 8th Battalion and one Canadian Medical Officer (Captain Hart) from a different battalion . George Northwood is definitely seated first on left. Next to him to your relative. Lt Lloyd Owen. My great uncle John Kidd Bell is standing first on left. I am pretty sure that the fourth officer captured from the 8th Battalion (Winnipeg Rifles) Lt Andrews is fourth standing from left. You ca
  3. Hi Chris, If you are ever visiting National Archives at Kew and have the time to queue for records, they should have reports on prisoners which may give clues to some names of other officers. Kew has listed in its archives. Treatment of British prisoners at Dänholm camp, Straslund: enquiry from Commander G H Miller-Sirling, Royal Navy (retired) regarding his son, Lieut A E S Miller-Stirling, 1st Battalion Gordon Highlanders, held prisoner in officers' camp there.
  4. OK. More on the Durham officers. I have re-read a history of the 8th Battalion,Durham Light Infantry by Major E. Hardinge Veitch, M.C., T.D.. Blackett (1st on middle row) is Lt G.E. Blackett - Capture referred to on p26 of the book Wilson (1st on middle row) is Lt J.D. Wilson - Capture referred to on p22 of the book Nesbitt (8th on middle row) is Lt A.W. Nesbitt - Capture referred to on p33 of the book.
  5. Thanks for the ensuring that the link works. The link to the University of Calgary website gives you the early photo of Owen. The link to the history of the 8th Battalion the Durhams is probably from a 1927 book - 8th Battalion. Durham Light Infantry 793-1926 by EH Veitch. Freiwillinge and I both have copies of the Stralsund group photo and re-reading the scanned pages of the Durham history , we can see:- p22- Reference to the capture of Lieutenant J.O. Wilson .who is probably the middle row, first on the photo. p26 - Reference is made to the capture of Lieutenant G.E. Blackett who i
  6. Apologies again I am doubtless illiterate in term of my computer but I appear unable either to post a photo or a link on your website. During the engagement around Boetleers Farm on 25th April 1915, the 8th Durham Light Infantry attempted to relieve the 8th Battalion (Winnipeg Rifles) of the Canadian Expeditionary Force. The German forces effectively cut them off, exposed them to fire on three sides and deprived them of any resupply of ammunition. such that they were obliged to surrender and officers from both the 8th Battalion (Winnipeg Rifles) and 8th Battalion Durham Light Infantry ended u
  7. Apologies but every time I try to upload a photo onto my profile, the upload fails. I am not sure why or what is blocking it. However my 1914 group photo of the officers of the 8th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force comes from a 1933 publication called "The Winnipeg Rifles Fiftieth Anniversary 1883 - 1933"; and this is available on the University Of Calgary website: http://contentdm.ucalgary.ca/digital/collection/cmh/id/15353 Page 28 gives the history of the battle from the prospective of the 8th Battalion. Owen is specifically mentioned in the report of Major Munro as being captured.
  8. Thanks for that, Chris. How far did you get with your research on Gladstone? As you may have noticed the link on Miller-Stirling records Second Lieutenant Arthur Eustace Stirling Miller-Stirling, served in the Indian Army, attached to the 1st Battalion, Gordon Highlanders, and survived the War. However, he went missing on 24 October 1914 during the Battle of La Bassee, near Lille. According to his Army Index Card he was erroneously reported ‘Killed In Action’, before being confirmed as a Prisoner of War at Danholm Camp, Straslund, an island off the German coast, where he remained for the rem
  9. Unknown officer from the 8th Battalion of the 1st Canadian Division, Canadian Expeditionary Force. He is Lt Henry Ernest Lloyd Owen of the 8th Battalion , an architect from Winnipeg who served with my great uncle. I have photos of him with my great uncle in Valcartier Canada in 1914 and a 1915 group photo in the POW camp at Mainz citadel with Mainz cathedral in the background. He was gassed severely at 2nd Ypres, captured on 25/4/15, was in Mainz on 17/5/15, and then Stralsund from 14/6/16 to 26/1/18. He was interned in Holland on 21/3/18.
  10. Dear Chris, OK. My name is Andrew and I am based in northern England. I am fascinated that this site exists and that there should be discussions between England, Belarus and Russia as the identity of British and Commonwealth Officers in a German POW camp in WW1. Yes, you are in luck because I have been doing the same research and I can identify them all given that John Ryan was considerate enough to send my relative a copy with the names recorded on the back. My great uncle was Lt John Kidd Bell of the 8th Battalion Canadians. He was captured on 25th April 1915 after the first gas attacks (22n
  11. Dear CMF (and others) , I am a family researcher and noticed this post from three years ago when researching my great uncle who was at Stralsund but not in the picture . I have a copy of the same photo in my family archive. It is dated 18.10.15 and my copy was sent to my relative with John.J. Ryan's Compliments - Master of the Old Irish Black and Tans Beagles, Scarteen Ireland John Ryan is 5th bottom row after Crosbie. https://dib.cambridg...articleId=a9500 John enlisted in the 16th Lancers at the start of the first world war in September 1914, serving on the western front as a second li
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