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  1. Dear friends, although I don't know the specific information of this order winner. But I would like to make some comments on this gentleman's order. Maybe it's not a soviet red flag order, I think this is агрудный знак «Бойцу Красной гвардии и Красному партизану от Ленсовета» . what do you think about? Yours
  2. Allow me to point out the major's medal, it is called :“médaille d'honneur des Affairs étrangères ( Почетная медаль министерства иностранных дел)” This is a rare reward for Russians or Czechs in France!what a nice photo!
  3. It seems to be a military parade. According to the uniform, I guess it's about the late 1960s. There seems to be some words on the buildings on both sides. Can determine the shooting location?
  4. thanks a lot for your help ,friend!
  5. An old guerrilla. Can anyone help identify the description text below?
  6. I think these are two guerrillas. Her husband later joined the Bulgarian people's army.
  7. 1957 style signalman captain of the Bulgarian people's army
  8. Dear colleagues, who can help me interpret the words behind it?
  9. also this two order or medal is called ”勋八等白色桐叶章“ ( 8th rising sun order)and “支那事变从军记章”(Medal for the war of aggression against China)
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