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  1. There were a lot of Chinese characters in Japanese before World War II. They have many similarities with Chinese characters and their meanings are close to the same. But I believe there is no Chinese in it,The Manchuria pioneering groups are composed of young people, farmers and veterans from Japan. Chinese people are not allowed to enter the land of these pioneers in Manchuria.
  2. This uniform is called national uniform,Starting in 1940, Japanese men could only wear clothes similar to Japanese army uniforms to replace the previous suits and traditional Japanese kimonos.
  3. This kind of rope seems to be a line of honor established by Manchukuo imitating Japan.Special mark for those who have done meritorious service.In the photo of Manchuria Prime Minister Zhang Jinghui, this kind of rope is also clearly visible
  4. If I’m not mistaken, the photos here are from the Manchurian Development Group organized by the Japanese.(满洲开拓团) The Japanese began to colonize China’s northeastern region from a very early age, which reached its peak during the Second World War. These members are recruited by the pioneer group. Their main activity is to open up wasteland and grow food, but they will also participate in military training. Once a war breaks out, these pioneer group members will become soldiers.
  5. The handwriting on the back of this piece is very scribbled to me, I can only read it roughly, 磐石x?:This is the place where the photo was taken. You can also see the names of some houses in the previous photo. This place was turned into a rock by them.
  6. Some characters are written in Chinese characters, and I can recognize it. 康德八年:The year of the emperor of Manchuria corresponds to 1941 满洲事变纪念:This refers to the 918 incident launched by Japan in 1931,The writer is celebrating the victory of the invasion. The writing at the back is too scribbled, I can only read out some more: xx队长 查阅:It should refer to the person the photo was given to,and His rank is captain The last is the name of the person who sent this photo. I’m sorry I can’t know the names of Japanese people very well.
  7. I believe it's this one,I tried to read the Russian version of the story,It can be said that this is in perfect accordance with my memory.
  8. Beautiful photos, my friend! This reminds me of the fairy tales I read when I was a child,It's about a little girl and seven colored flowers that can realize her wishes. I didn't realize it was a Soviet fairy tale until I grew up, but it always impressed me.
  9. If look at it from the belt, I think it's Bulgarian soldiers
  10. what do you think about this badge. for my view , something looks like sammler. 6-я гвардейская стрелковая дивизияh
  11. НАГРАДНОЙ ЗНАК ПЕРЕДОВИКАМ ТРУДА И ВОИНАМ ОТЛИЧНИКАМ НОАК ПРОВИНЦИИ ШАНЬДУН Знак представляет собою пятиконечную эмалевую звезду с золотистыми лучами. В центре звезды расположен барельеф Мао Цзэдуна развернутый влево от смотрящего. Поле вокруг барельефа ограничено - вверху фрагментом зубчатого колеса (шестерни) залитого горячей эмалью синего цвета с "золотыми" китайскими иероглифами (приведены в переводе на русский язык): "ПЕРЕДОВИКАМ ТРУДА И ВОИНАМ ОТЛИЧНИКАМ НОАК ОТ ДЕПУТАТОВ НАРОДНОГО СОБРАНИЯ ПРОВИНЦИИ ШАНЬДУН" - внизу декоративно сложенной лентой с датой "1951". По сторонам от ба
  12. I am a little surprised why a Soviet officer can get this medal,The name of this medal is "Shandong Provincial Workers, Peasants, and Soldiers Model Workers' Representative Association Medal". I never thought that a Soviet officer could get this medal.Amazing collection, my friend
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