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  1. If look at it from the belt, I think it's Bulgarian soldiers
  2. what do you think about this badge. for my view , something looks like sammler. 6-я гвардейская стрелковая дивизияh
  3. НАГРАДНОЙ ЗНАК ПЕРЕДОВИКАМ ТРУДА И ВОИНАМ ОТЛИЧНИКАМ НОАК ПРОВИНЦИИ ШАНЬДУН Знак представляет собою пятиконечную эмалевую звезду с золотистыми лучами. В центре звезды расположен барельеф Мао Цзэдуна развернутый влево от смотрящего. Поле вокруг барельефа ограничено - вверху фрагментом зубчатого колеса (шестерни) залитого горячей эмалью синего цвета с "золотыми" китайскими иероглифами (приведены в переводе на русский язык): "ПЕРЕДОВИКАМ ТРУДА И ВОИНАМ ОТЛИЧНИКАМ НОАК ОТ ДЕПУТАТОВ НАРОДНОГО СОБРАНИЯ ПРОВИНЦИИ ШАНЬДУН" - внизу декоративно сложенной лентой с датой "1951". По сторонам от ба
  4. I am a little surprised why a Soviet officer can get this medal,The name of this medal is "Shandong Provincial Workers, Peasants, and Soldiers Model Workers' Representative Association Medal". I never thought that a Soviet officer could get this medal.Amazing collection, my friend
  5. hello my friend , this badge is called:“Commemorative the Air transport badge ”,when in the late 40s,In order to help the PLA quickly enter Xinjiang Province, the Soviet air force sent planes to help transport personnel and equipment. To commemorate the incident, the Chinese government set up this badge and awarded it to the pilots who helped them.
  6. Because of the lack of authoritative information, many of them are written according to the experience of oral,As you can see, there are yellow collars in this document.I believe that the shape of the uniform may be changed due to the difficult conditions
  7. dear colleague I have only recently come into contact with some interesting and rare historical stories.These people are called Dalian police,When the Soviet army entered Dalian, the Chinese Communist Party sent people to form a police force to help the Soviet army take over the city.These police forces wore the police uniforms of the original Kuomintang government at the beginning.I will add some historical pictures below. Sorry, some of the pictures I saw on my phone may be of poor quality. From the last photo, you can see that some changes have taken place in the uniform inside
  8. Victor François Seraphin Joseph Téléphore Desguin https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victor_Desguin
  9. It's a beautiful picture!I will also show the example in my collection,also it is a school girl
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