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  1. Because of the lack of authoritative information, many of them are written according to the experience of oral,As you can see, there are yellow collars in this document.I believe that the shape of the uniform may be changed due to the difficult conditions
  2. dear colleague I have only recently come into contact with some interesting and rare historical stories.These people are called Dalian police,When the Soviet army entered Dalian, the Chinese Communist Party sent people to form a police force to help the Soviet army take over the city.These police forces wore the police uniforms of the original Kuomintang government at the beginning.I will add some historical pictures below. Sorry, some of the pictures I saw on my phone may be of poor quality. From the last photo, you can see that some changes have taken place in the uniform inside
  3. Victor François Seraphin Joseph Téléphore Desguin https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victor_Desguin
  4. Hello,tankjack! I found a similar badge in my picture collection store(I often collect photos on the Internet).But because of the clarity of the photos, I can't guarantee that the badge I found is correct. Зн.РККА 20-30г."За Отл. Арт. Подготовку " This is the name that I note to it. My Russian is so poor that I can't describe it in English.I'll attach a picture below.
  5. I have a picture of a bulgarian colonel here. Although there is no text on the back of the photo, I found his information on the website introducing Bulgarian officers. Кукурешков, Георги Манчев Роден: 09.04.1868 в Панагюрище. Образование: Военното училище в София (1887). Офицерската артилерийска школа - полски отдел в Царско село, Русия (1902). Военна служба: ? - 8-ми пехотен полк; 1887 - 4-ти артилерийски полк; 1900 - Командир на батарея в 4-ти артилерийски полк; 1908 - Командир на 2-ра батарея в 4-ти артилерийски полк; 1909 - Командир на батарея в 2-ри артилерийски полк; ? - Командир на
  6. ​Of course, my friend,I will try to use English to describe their meaning.Horse symbolizes an enterprising spirit in China,The meaning of the postcard in the first row is The people strive to make history emancipate their mind.This was a very common slogan(力争上游,解放思想) in China in the 1950s. The people were mobilized to take part in production activities and the party's Marxist ideological activities. The second row mainly describes the desire for science and technology, People can be seen riding on rockets,“一天等于二十年”meaning is that In the shortest time to obtain the latest technology, catch up
  7. I would like to add some postcards from China. The theme of the October Revolution is the same as your psotcards shows. But it's hard for ordinary people to get access to high-quality postcards in the 1950s,Usually, only government officials and those who give them to foreigners can get some nice or beautiful postcards.
  8. A nice photo for bulgarian army! :JC_doubleup:
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