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  1. Hi Andreas, a possibility but not something I am aware of. He was living in Nürnberg in 1914 and was a retired Landwehr infantry officer. Regards Glenn
  2. Andrew, Andy, great pair of photos. I agree that the cypher is a Gothic "N" but As far as I am aware Landwehr-Bezirk Ingolstadt was under command of the 11. Infanterie-Brigade and not Landwehr-Inspektion Nürnberg. It may be the case that Hptm. d.L. a.D. Liersch was himself in peacetime domiciled in the geographic area of the Nürnberg Landwehr-Inspectorate and therefore chose to wear that insignia? Regards Glenn
  3. Hello, Oberst (Generalleutnant) Albert Siegert pictured around 1887 but before his 5 April 1887 award of the Red Eagle 3rd class with bow. At this time he was a department head in the artillery testing commission (Artillerie-Prüfungskommission) in Berlin. Regards Glenn
  4. Hi guys, unfortunately, it could also be the 1. Artillerie-Offizier von Platz in Posen, Oberstleutnant Otto Kühling who was à la suite of Fußartillerie-Regiment Nr. 5 and had exactly the same decorations! Regards Glenn
  5. He is the Stabstrompeter of Dragoner-Regiment Nr. 12. These boards were worn between 1898 and 1908 and were in the same colour as the soldiers' shoulder straps. Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 49 would have worn white boards. Most likely Karl Urbach who was the Stabstrompeter/Musikmeister of DR 12 for most of this period. Regards, Glenn
  6. Hello, Rechnungsrat, Oberzahlmeister Karl August Falkner of 1. (Leib-) Grenadier-Regiment Nr. 100, Dresden about 1910/11. Regards Glenn
  7. The bearded general is Ludwig Freiherr von Falkenhausen. The general with the stick is Magnus von Eberhard and the officer with the number 70 on his helmet is Friedrich Stadthagen of Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 70. Regards Glenn
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