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  1. Это сапоги в камуфляже. Ремень с патронами у второго, тоже интересен... Ох и неудобно ему садиться...
  2. Разве если кто-то вспомнит или увидит эту тумбу на другой фотографии. Удачи!
  3. фотограф одно время жил в Америке. https://www.icp.org/browse/archive/constituents/alphonse-j-li%C3%A9bert?all/all/all/all/0 Alphonse J. Liébert (1826 - 1914) American (b. France) was an officer in the French navy in the 1840s, when he resigned to pursue his interest in photography. In 1851, while commanding a ship off the California coast, he received papers incorrectly identifying him as an American. He settled in Nevada City, California, and opened a daguerreotype portrait studio in 1857. The studio proved successful, as did Liébert's submission of his pictures to local exhibitions and
  4. https://www.naval-encyclopedia.com/ww1/germany/torpedo-boats SMS G7?
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