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  1. Photo 5: "Locot. Mitica Radoiu (?) Reg. 45 Infant. Giurgiu" "Lieutenant Mitica Radoiu (?) 45 Infantry Regiment Giurgiu" Photo 13: "Da te rog una si lui (???) Sainescu (?) Era sa vin p'acolo azi dar mi-am luat seama avem niste serbari - poate sambata viitoare daca nu plecati cu toti in concediu. [signature undecipherable] Primeste te rog pe langa fotografia dupa vapor unde ai venit pe la 1/2!! ai mutra mea, ca sa nu ma uiti Cum chiar fara fotografie eu nu pot uita societatea sfanta pe care aci geaba o caut sarutari de mana d-nei si multa sanatate Cap. Gherman lui Cap. Turtureanu Cernavo
  2. Yes. "Bucuresti 10. V. 1934 Spre amintire dela: Cpt. Dumitrescu A. Cpt. Popescu Gh. Lt. Popescu I. Camarazi de Scoala Superioara de Razboiu" "Bucharest 10 May 1934 For memory from: Captain Dumitrescu A. Captain Popescu Gheorghe Lieutenant Popescu I. Comrades [in arms] of Highschool of war [Military Academy]" Nice photos
  3. Oficer of a Guard unit, maybe royal aide or something. I must check out. Rank? I think it is "sublocotenent" but it is not clear.
  4. The images are pretty dark on my PC but I'll try... "Se certifica, ca este fotogr [fotografia?] L Ba?er comand?? 7[?] Reg. 22 ?? L Col. [?] Georgescu It is certified that it is the photo L Ba?er Commander [?] ?? Regiment 22 Lieutenant Colonel [?] Georgescu
  5. This site could be interesting : http://marelerazboi.ro/ It is called "Marele razboi" = The Great War (World War 1) Photos "Armata" (Army) http://marelerazboi....category/armata ("right click - view image" to enlarge) For example: Romanian officer photo http://www.mareleraz...70e4b65ac15.jpg Romanian and Russian officers http://www.mareleraz...8bc296f3a36.jpg Uniforms http://www.mareleraz...d0707bf71ce.jpg http://www.mareleraz...1188fb49ec4.jpg
  6. Yes, it is possible. A few years ago I read in a book written by a former adjutant of Ion Antonescu that General Argesanu, if I'm not mistaken, refused to wear the new uniforms and continued to wear the 1920 style tunics.
  7. I found the name (General) Nicolae Uică here: http://www.monumentul.ro/pdfs/Mircea%20Tanase%2009.pdf "The Church and Hero's Cemetery, Buzau", page 3. It says there that he was the commander of the 5th (Infantry?) Division, Buzau, sometime after 1st of April 1929. There is a picture with his name among other names as one of the founders of that church (in Buzau). In that cemetery rest 9 653 heros, 753 of them are German soldiers, 744 Austrians and Hungarians, 136 Bulgarians and Russians, 14 Turks and 5 Italians. Next to this Cemetery is a cemetery of the Soviet soldiers who died in ww2 (photo
  8. My friend I do what I can I found an interesting site, maybe you know about it, but if not I would like to put the link somewhere here... http://marksrussianmilitaryhistory.info/ There are few pictures of some Romanian soldiers and officers too. Feel free to move my post in the proper place, my friend.
  9. "General Răsunicean (?) " General Râmniceanu maybe? Perhaps this one? http://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theodor_R%C3%A2mniceanu
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