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  1. Hi Chris! Thank you very much for those informations! Great!!!! I will check the links! I don´t have any knowledges of danish military. But I´m working on it...
  2. Hello! Does somebody know something about this uniform? I don´t know anything... Reverse is blank. I have no idea. I think, the photo had been taken around the 1880s Thanks a lot!
  3. Nice ones Andrew! Thanks for showing! The Hungarian is hot... The photo is from the 60s/70s?
  4. Let´s start a Miss Competition about the good old times! I start with a pretty nice girl from the Argonne (France) "An Argonne Dream"
  5. Hello! Anything written on the reverse or an address of the atelier? For me it´s not German. Maybe Dutch or Swiss?
  6. Hello! The chevrons are the rank of an Feldwebel. Worn upon the Bluse15. I´m not sure about the medal. Hessen is NOT impossible. He was born in Polch, district of Mayen. Mayen is at the border to Hessen-Nassau. Not his age. Born 1882. Maybe he worked in Hessen-Nassau, and awarded the medal in that era. It don´t have to be a military one!
  7. Hello! It´s hard to say... Those collar badges were worn by several Freikorps units.
  8. Hello! What do the monograms upon german shoulder straps mean? Here is a list (in german language): Bedeutungen der Monogramme auf Schulterklappen.pdf
  9. Hello! Here wears shoulder boards of a colonel. He was promoted to: Leutnant: 8.8.86 Oberleutnant: 1.11.91 Hauptmann: 17.5.93 Major: 4.6.96 Oberstleutnant: 31.3.94 Oberst: 28.10.99 Generalmajor: 17.10.00 Generalleutnant: 11.6.03 General: 19.4.06 The photo shows him and his bride, so they were already married. He married her July 10, 1900 I think, the photo was taken around this date. During this time he was commander of 2nd Inf.Rgt. "Kronprinz". We see the monogram upon the shoulder board (here an example of a shoulder strap). The monogram means ME (Elector Max Emanuel from Bavaria) During t
  10. Hi Andrew! No-one seems to be able to... I think, there ain´t no records left. Thanks a lot for the attempt!
  11. Hello! Does anyone have an officers list of the High command of Heeresgruppe Mackensen in 1917 including turkish officers? I need to know who signed this paper (it´s for a visit of the imperial castle in Bucharest) He was the Imperial Turkish authorized general staff officer in the high command of the army group Mackensen. Major Tewfik (Binbaşı Tevfik): chief of staff 26th turkish Division Oberleutnant Schuekri (Üsteğmen ŞÜkrÜ) Oberleutnant Sirri (Üsteğmen Sırrı) Leutnant Sureya (Teğmen SÜreyya): Btl.Kdr. II./tÜrk. 73.Inf.Rgt Unteroffizier Chewfki (Astsubay Şevki) signed, Major ??? Thanks a lo
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