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  1. Hi Andrew! No. Garde-Füsiliere had black leather like the Füsilier-Bataillons of regular infantry regiments. This is a "Garde-Regiment zu Fuß". 1.Rgt. white shoulder straps 2.Rgt. red shoulder straps 3.Rgt. yellow shoulder straps (appear black on b/w photos) 4.Rgt. blue shoulder straps And the 3.Rgt. had their barracks close to the Skalitzer Str.
  2. Hello! 1) Right. Everything fits. The cuffs have white pipings. Gren.Rgt.3 2) Hard to say. It will be Schützen-Rgt. 108 or Jäger-Btl. 12 3) Pionier-Btl.3. The man was commanded to the Cavalry-Telegraph-school. ("Kavallerie-Telegraphen-Schule"). Example:
  3. By the way... The short braid upon the shoulder strap indicates, that he was commanded to the "Lehr-Infanterie-Regiment"
  4. Hello! Right. The photo shows only one cockade. So it was taken before 1897. Since 1901 they received an armband "Gibraltar"
  5. Hi Kirill! Thanks for the link! Unfortunately the author was wrong. It´s always better to check original orders. The green shoulder strap is from the era before 1865
  6. Hello! It was also called Jugendwehr. The armband says: " Kgl. Generalkommissariat für die militärische Jugendvorbereitung" (Royal General Commissariat for Military Youth Preparation)
  7. Hello! But for the blue tunic we have the official order, I showed a few days ago. Where is your chart from, please? The tunic from the Weitze page is a so called "Friedensrock", which was introduced during the war for the postwar-times. These tunics were fieldgrey, shoulder straps from 1915 and cuff and collar colours from the pre-war tunic. By the way: Infantry
  8. Hello! Blue is absolutely right. Schützen-Regiment 108 stil had green uniforms and shoulder boards, but regular infantry had blue.
  9. Hello! Yes, that´s strange. In some sources the shoulder straps are green, in other sources blue. But the official order says it´s blue. I will contact some saxon collectors.
  10. Hello! You can´t trust Wikipedia... Saxon infantry received light blue uniforms around 1865. It changed into dark blue in 1867. Since they had the blue uniform, the shoulder straps became blue too. Here is the order for clothings from 1902: a) says: darkblue base cloth for fieldcap, tunic (including shoulder straps)... Here in §89, 2b: Gren.Rgt.100 with WHITE insignias upon the shoulder straps
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