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  1. Hello! Sorry for my late response, I´ve been in hospital for the last days. Which rank stripes do you mean? NCOs didn´t had any stripes upon their shoulder straps. They only had braids at the collar
  2. Hello! A good question! Probably my fault. The first one is a cadet and the others seem to be NCOs from the Guard-Foot-Artillery. I can´t see the colour of the collars, probably they are black for artillery. Here is another soldier of Garde-Fußart.Rgt.
  3. Now I think it´s Koch. The ranklist of honour shoes the last rank in the war! He promoted to Generalmajor in 1916. So the photo must have been taken just before that event!
  4. Bit I can´t recognize the abbreviations. F.K.S.? Probably his first names?
  5. Oh yes. But have a look in the Journal: E.R. 702 That means Ehrenrangliste (Ranklist of honour), page 702. That´s what I showed. But maybe the ranklist was wrong. The photos seem to be right. Maybe the ranklist showed the last rank, they earned in the war.
  6. Hello! That´s strange... I think Wiki (from where you have your info probably), is again wrong... Koch (leader of LIR40) was an inactive officer and was reactivated, when he was already Generalmajor a.D. (a.D. = "außer Dienst" = "off duty"). He was commander of Inf.Rgt.173 in 1912 (Colonel since April, 22, 1912) He left the army in 1913 as Oberst a.D. Unfortunately it doesn´t exist a regimental history. So I stil think it´s "v. Rath" Here a page from the ranklist of honour ( "Wiederverwendete inaktive Offiziere" = Reused inactive officers)
  7. Hello! Unfortunately I think you´re wrong. I read: Vogesenkämpfe 1914-1916 v. Rath Oberst und Kommandeur Landwehr Inf.Rgt. 40 v. Rath came from Inf.Rgt.111 and became Oberst January 27, 1915
  8. Hello! It´s not a monogramm. I can´t see it for 100%, but I agree with 30. Landsturm in impossible. They had collar numbers. Because of their ages I think it´s Landwehr, maybe Reserve
  9. Hello! They have a red collar and yellow double Litzen. So we have Cadet-school Berlin-Licherfelde. Another point are the two stripes upon the shoulder straps in the first photo. That is an "Kadetten-Unteroffizier"
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