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    History of all German Navys
  1. Ich bin mir sicher, dass es ein Feuerwerks Leutnant. Auf den Schulter ist es, eine komplizierte "F" zu sehen. Die zirkulierende Kappenband ist wie der Kragen, rot-braun. Hier zeige ich das Foto von dem Feuerwerk Lieutenant Röttcher. Das "F" ist hier von beiden Seiten sichtbar. Bernd
  2. Hello Andrew, which is very difficult to read: Dem Dampfpinassführer Oberbootsmannsmaaten Dyes zur Erinnerung an viele Fahrten mit seinen Kameraden Follensius Korv.Kapt. in Oberstlt, Rang Yang tse kiang 22. Nov. 1898 The commander coxswain (Oberbootsmannsmaat) Dyes in memory of many trips with his mates Follensius Lieutenant Commander in Lieutenant Colonel Rank Yang Tse Kiang November 22, 1898 Thanks for sharing! Bernd
  3. Unfortunately, not much. He died of a tropical disease, which he, like many sailors did in the time incurred. The last command as a librarian and head of the Naval Academy was probably for this reason alone. Shortly after his premature retirement from the Navy, he died. One will normally with this career Admiral. Service entry 31/05/1871 at Naval Station of the Baltic Sea Patent as lieutenant 15/04/1879 Patent as lieutenant commander 16/04/1887 Patent as Korv.Kpt. 02/12/1894 Patent as Kpt.z.S. 09/04/1900 Adwards: 06/03/1890 as KpLt. Prussia Service Award 25 years (which suggests tha
  4. I suspect the neck he wears a Russian Award (for art and science?). One can see the outlines of Tsar Nicholas. On the ribbon bar first EK II 1870 with oak leaves. In second place is not a Prussian service award. This did not have round cross arms. Here I suspect a Saxon Service Award. Thirdly, a Prussian General of Honour "for merit", fourth in the War Memorial Medal in 1870 for fighters with four battle clasps, In the fifth place, the War Memorial Medal in 1866 for fighters, and finally the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Medal 100th birthday, and beneath the bar the long service award for 12 years.
  5. This Obermatrose of SMS VINETA got in the port the mail between ship and command posts.
  6. Hi Andrew, I'm with the descendants have long been in contact. From them I received some photos and many documents for evaluation . It seems that the estate was divided within the family , and finally scattered in many directions . In this forum , they come partially back together .
  7. Ziemer , Heinz, * 02.08.1890 , service entrance April 1909 - SMS LOTHRINGEN, Lieutenant, II torpedo officer 12.1914 Submarine school, education 02.1915 U 28, WO 06.1916 Submarine school, instructor, at the same time commander auxiliary vessel "Admiral von Knorr" 10.1916 UB 23, Commander 01.1917 Flag lieutenant I. submarine flotilla Flanders 03.1918 - end Eliminated 11.1919 with the character as Kapitänleutnant The photo shows him so after his service discharge. In the last ranking in 1918 only two Iron Crosses are listed. FAK Oldenburg so he has to get later, he bought the other himself.
  8. By Hight Cabinet Order in 1906 (AKO) it was introduced a special badge for WachtmeisterPersonal (staff sergeant ?). It was worn on a red linen band on the right arm. But we see on the picture below, the man wears badge on his uniform.
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