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  1. На период ПМВ можете поискать на grwar.mil.ru, возможно, там есть какая-то информация...
  2. Судя по этишкету, можно предположить 8-ю конную арт. батарею...
  3. Hello Andreas, thank you. I knew this pictures from "The Vinkhuijzen collection of military uniforms"... As for your question, here is link to discussed above image https://docplayer.org/23866403-Monogramme.html WBR, Kirill
  4. By the way I found waffenrock's image which to my humble opinion incorrect atribute as Kgl. Sächs. 1. (Leib-)Grenadier-Regiment Nr.100 https://www.weitze.net.ru/militaria/02/Sachsen_Waffenrock_M_1915_eines_Angehoerigen_des_Koeniglich_Saechsischen_1_Leib_Grenadier_Regiment_Nr_100_nbsp__270202.html
  5. Hello Andreas! I really trust your and your colleagues' opinion, but however there're pictures of this regiment with darkgreen shoulder straps which we can't ignore and can't explain.... I mean for example this one
  6. ...but was it really so? Here's the postcard with the darkgreen shoulder straps which was send in 1916...
  7. Hello Andreas! The colour of shoulder straps from 1902 unfortunately is not clear for me yet. Was it darkblue from 1902 till 1917 or it was chanched back to darkgreen? My question caused the next pictures from the web which demonstrate darkgreen shoulder straps after 1902...
  8. Andreas, you're right, there aren't monograms pictures in the link, but in the link there is a text which I cited in the previous post: ab 29.10.1873 grüne sächs. Schulterstücke mit roter Paspel und weissem Monogramm (bekröntes "AR") für König Albert von Sachsen. ab 24.06.1902 grüne sächs. Schulterstücke mit roter Paspel und weissem Monogramm (bekröntes "GR") für Georg von Sachsen I can suppose that "weissen" is missprint...
  9. Hi Andreas, because of photo was made in Mülhausen (Elsaß) not in Straßburg I can suppose Wachtmeister (3.Badisches Dragoner-Regiment Prinz Karl Nr.22). What do you think about this version? WBR, Kirill
  10. Hello, Andreas, here is part of photo with shoulder strap in high resolution. Probably, on shoulder strap there is "5"... WBR, Kirill
  11. Уважаемые коллеги, добрый вечер! Как думаете, какие именно нашивки на погонах находятся у фельдфебеля и сержанта (?) - Abzeichen für Abkommandierungen zu Unteroffizierschulen und Vorschulen или Abzeichen (auf den Schulterklappen) für Abkommandierungen zum Lehr­lnfanterie-Bataillon? Т.е. командированы они в унтер-офицерскую школу или учебный пехотный батальон?
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