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I'm in the process of writing a description of the badge "101 Zile de Şcoală Militară"


Here's what I already done.


101 Zile de Şcoală Militară / 101 Days in the Military School


The badge was issued to NCOs training at various Aviation military officers schools 101 days before the graduation and assignment of the first military rank of Sublocotenent.

The badge was made of silvered bronze and was worn above the left breast pocket of a tunic.


The question is: was the badge issued 101 days before the graduation OR after successful completion of 101 days of military training?

Any additional info is needed as the description seems to be quite scant!


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Andrew, you are right, the badge was awarded 101 days before graduation, this 101 days before graduation ceremony tradition, was not only for Aviation Military Schools, but for all other Military Schools like Infantry, Artillery, etc.

Unfortunately, I haven't much more info on the subject, the only info I have is from the book ”Insignele Aviației Militare Române” by Iliese Marcel, ed.Mirton, 2007, page 81, but the description is wrong (I think you also have the book).


http://img259.imageshack.us/img259/3430/lgim0145d.th.jpg http://img37.imageshack.us/img37/1843/lgim0146r.th.jpg


And from here: http://www.aviatori....p?gallery_id=10



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