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Question Poland-Russia War 1919/20

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In the military world we have a myth about german A7V tanks in Poland in 1919/20.

In some books is written, that german A7V tanks, captured in France, were given to the polish army by the French in 1919. A number of 5-10 is marked.

But I´ve never seen a proof of that myth. No documents, no photos, nothing at all.

Does someone of you know, if the russian files mention this myth?

I´ve read Pilsudskis book. Nothing. The german files are probably destroyed in 1944, no chance. The bavarians have a diary of that era, but no mention. They only write about the 120 Renault FT from the Haller´s Army (Blue Army).

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Hi Andrew!

Thanks a lot.

Well, the myth was alive since the 1930s.

Volckheim wrote in his book, that a lot of A7V were sent to Poland.


Dörffer wrote in his book, that 10 A7V were sent to Poland for exercises:


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