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Виктор Симинел, глава ГБ / Victor Siminel, Director general al Serviciul Special de Informatii (1944)

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Студийный портрет молодого кавалериста Виктора Симинела, датированный 1927 годом. С 25 августа по 20 сентября 1944 г. генерал В.Симинел являлся генеральным директором румынской госбезопасности - Специальной службы информации.


Beatiful portrait of Victor Siminel, later Director general al Serviciul Special de Informații (August 25 - September 20, 1944).

Mircea, could you please provide short biography of Victor Siminel? I found an entry in Romanian Wikipedia: http://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victor_Siminel


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1897, July 27th, born at Fundul Gălbenei, Lăpușna County, Basarabia (then part of Imperial Russia).

Son of: archbishop Andronic Siminel.

Bothers: Vladimir Siminel, sub-lieutenant of Hussars, killed by the Bolsheviks on the Dnestr river in Rezina region.

Cousin: Petre Siminel, artillery lieutenant, active in „Sfatul Țării” (http://en.wikipedia....%C8%9A%C4%83rii) who made possible the union of Basarabia with Romania in 1918.


1914: Theological Seminary in Chișinău.

1917: Kiev Officer School.

1917: as a sub-lieutenant he is sent to the Karelian front with the 116th Infantry Regiment.

1917: badly wounded he is sent to military hospital and decorated with the Saint Ana Order.

1917: advanced lieutenant he is sent to the front for a second time and he is wounded for the second time, decorated with the Saint Stanislav Order.

1918: he is relived form hospital and joins the one of the 16 groups of Moldavian soldiers, approved by Russian general Dimitri Șcerbacev, which will form the future Basarabian Army.

1918, 27 March: Victor Siminel, lieutenant of 1st Hussar Regiment, joins the „Sfatul Țării” (http://en.wikipedia....%C8%9A%C4%83rii) and votes for the union of Basarabia with Romania.

1918: after the union the Basarabian army units merge with Romanian Army units, the 1st Hussar Regiment merges with 10th Călărași regiment.

1928: graduates War School in Bucharest.

1930: graduates Higher War School in Paris.

1937-1939: history professor a the Bucharest War School.

1939-1941: Chief of Staff of the 2nd Cavalry Division.

1941: Chief of Staff of the Cavalry Corps.

1941: Commander of 4th Roșiori „Regina Maria” Cavalry Regiment.

1941: advanced General.

1944, August 25th - September 20th: Director of the Special Information Service.

1944: Head of the Romanian High Command Military delegation to the Commission responsible with drawing up the Armistice (with URSS?!).

1944: Chief of the Romanian Military Commission in liaison with the Allied Control Commission.

1947, September: Military Advisor to the Inter-ministerial Commission for the implementation of the Peace Treaty.

1948, January 1st: at disposal (King abdicates, communists took 100% control of he country).

1951, January 1st: transferred to the reserves.

1951 (after a few months): he is arrested, his pension is suspended, all his propriety confiscated, his wife Lidia Siminel is placed under house arrest.

1951 - 1954: after tree years of prison an arrest warrant is given and his trial starts.

1956, July 17th: he is acquitted.

1956, July 25th: he is released from Făgăraș prison. He found his wife very sick and the old general, now 59 years old, had no means of support himself, he had no work and no pension. Because he knew four languages he, apparently, found work as a book translator.

1981, November 1st, died in Bucharest.


Here are the political prison records of general Victor Siminel:

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