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Румынские пожарные / Romanian Firefighters / Pompierii Români

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I asked Mr. Emil Boboescu from Asociația Tradiția Militară for his expert opinion and he thinks this are civil fire-fighters, maybe form the 1960s judging by the motor pump.

Text reads: Remiza pompierilor cu materiale P.C.I. (I have no idea what PCI means)./ Fire-fighters remise with PCI materials.

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Thanks, Mircea! I hoped those photo were dated pre-1945...


As for P.C.I., maybe you can make out what it is from this extract (taken from this webiste): Odată cu noua împărţire administrativ-teritorială a ţării, în luna noiembrie 1952 ia fiinţă Serviciul Regional de Pompieri Suceava, având în compunere următoarele subunităţi P.C.I.: Suceava, Botoşani, Dorohoi, Rădăuţi, Fălticeni, Gura Humorului, Câmpulung Moldovenesc şi Vatra Dornei.

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Andrew, same expert, Mr. Emil Boboescu, was so kind to give us the aswer to what „materiale PCI” means: ”materiale Prevenirea și Combaterea Incendiilor” (materials for prevention and fighting fire).


Ничего подобного!

Аббревиатура P.C.I. на румынском полностью воспроизводится как - Рaza Сontra Incendiilor, что соответствует нашему "защита от пожаров".

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