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Кто изображен на фото? / Please help to identify photo

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Thank you, Mircea!

By the way could you please recommend me any reliable website where I can learn about various cockades on visor caps? I'd like to write a material for the Romanian uniforms database section on cockades :smile:

Unfortunately not, I am not aware of any such site. :sad: If you have questions about the cockades on visor caps, please ask me and I will do my best to identify them.

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Do we have a navy officer here? He doesn't have sleeve chevrons...

It is an M1928 officer's police uniform. More info here: http://www.politiaro...lice_museum.htm

Additional info and some drawings by Mr. Kepi, can be found here: http://www.worldwar2...indpost&p=63670


The High Decree No.1586 from 7 June 1928 stipulates modifications in the uniform of the police officers, this becoming more traditional, up to the change of regime, in 1948. The uniform consisted of: a grey double-breasted man’s coat, vest and trousers, a white shirt and black tie, a Navy cap with the state emblem framed by an embroidered wreath of oak leaves. The full-dress uniform for the prefects and police inspectors was: black frock, top hat, patent-leather shoes, black tie, white gloves (for funerals, black gloves) and three-colored silk tasseled sash over the vest.



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Some shots for your consideration.


@Излом, I think this is a photo from before WW2 because from 4 April 1941 (Ordin General, nr.7) the epaulettes were sewn into the shoulder and were of khaki colour like the uniform.

I think the uniform is a M1934, rank of ”plutonier major”, his two colour collar tabs (black&white) suggests he serves with the mountain pioneers troops (pionieri munte).

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