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Портреты со Знаком лыжника / Portraits with Ski badge

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Покажу несколько портретов с неким неизвестным мне значком - квалификационный знак лыжника?

I'd like to share with your several portraits with a proficiency ski badge (?) in wear. What is the correct name of the badge? Any info on that decoration? Any ideas on branch of service? :help:


post-1-0-61631800-1390673572_thumb.jpg post-1-0-45108000-1390673580.jpg

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Mr. Constantin Ciurea is a crook, I've come to realize that this books about decorations lack in everything: research, information, missing photos etc.

His new book is no different, its just a joke, the subject was also discussed by me on this forum: http://6dorobanti.ro...334240865/25#25

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Yes, I am VERY disappointed, I payed 100 euros for the five books and at first I was happy, after a while I realized that the books are poorly researched and some info is missing or is wrong. I have no trust in this „professor” and I will not buy any new book written by him. :sad:

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