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Hello friends!

Here´s my latest one. It show a MG unit of the saxon border-protection. "Sächsische Grenzjäger". We see the collar badge for the Freikorps and a horn upon the upper-sleeve. Probably this one was worn according to the saxon Jäger-shoulder straps, who had that horn too


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I do have another one!

Collar badge Sächsische Grenzjäger. Upon the sleeve we see an anchor with a 12. Probably it is "I.Grenzjäger-Art.Rgt.12"

The Reichswehr-Brigade Bautzen had the light Art.Rgt.12 (set up from Grenzjäger-Art.Rgt.1) in Königsbrück (which fitts to the script) . There also was the Pionier-Btl.12 in Dresden.

But if we have a look at the sleeve-ovals, we recognize only one colour. Light artullery had a red cirlce. Pioneers had a black circle with an inner red circle.

So I assume, we have artillerie. How it does fit with an anchor, I really don´t know..


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