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In December last year I bid on ebay on a film found at the flea marked in Germany, unfortunately 711,5 Euro was a bit too much so I lost the auction, the good part is that the auction winner did not pay the film so I was able to persuade the seller to sell me a digital copy of the Agfa 16 mm film, after paying pretty steep price for two films of 10 minute each, and waiting some 10 days, I finally got the DVD, here are several images from the last five minutes of the first film taken in Romania (second film is taken somewhere in the Baltic states). Hope you like it! :smile:



7768 by honoretpatria.wordpress, on Flickr



8659 by honoretpatria.wordpress, on Flickr



8887 by honoretpatria.wordpress, on Flickr



9150 by honoretpatria.wordpress, on Flickr



9371 by honoretpatria.wordpress, on Flickr

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Thanks Andrew!

Maybe I will post a few stills from the other film taken in the Baltic states.

Below I attached a still from the first few seconds of the first film roll taken mainly in Romania, but this is somewhere in Russia, does anybody recognize the location?



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