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Hi, Andreas! I assume there's "24" on shoulder straps. Maybe a Freikorps unit, judging from the date?


My friend wrote this (It was in german, I translated with a translator... I hope you understand...)



a rifle 98 with pluggable Mittelschaftmagazin for 20 cartridges. in 1915 and 1916 to about 1,000,000 of this magazine have been - manufactured mostly by the company Junghans (Schramberg), Scarlet fever, or Bing (Nuremberg). For use, the magazine floor of the five-shot magazine built into the gun had to be - expanded including shuttle and shuttle spring. Then, the follower plate for the twenty-shot magazine could be attached. In military parlance, the thing "Clip-on magazine" said collectors it is referred today like as "Trench magazine". Because the magazine was probably impractical to handle complicated shooting set up and the infected magazine could not be loaded up, the issued magazine were withdrawn probably early 1917


Is that photo for sale?

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Hi Andrew! Unfortunantely I can´t read anything. Just Juni 1919.

It could be Inf.Rgt.24, Res.Inf.Rgt.24 or Ldw.Rgt.24

If it is Inf.Rgt.24, it became part of Bataillon Brandis (Deutsche Legion)


Here’s the caption on the back:

“Juni 1917. Maria!

Meinem liebem Schatzel (das bist du und bleibst du!) mit vorläufigem dank für liebe Briefe.

Vizefeldwebel Aug”.

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