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Фото 2. 2 капитана и лейтенант. Бухарест. 10.V. 1934 г. (On the reverse we are talking about some kind of school?)



"Bucuresti 10. V. 1934

Spre amintire dela:

Cpt. Dumitrescu A.

Cpt. Popescu Gh.

Lt. Popescu I.

Camarazi de Scoala Superioara de Razboiu"


"Bucharest 10 May 1934

For memory from:

Captain Dumitrescu A.

Captain Popescu Gheorghe

Lieutenant Popescu I.

Comrades [in arms] of Highschool of war [Military Academy]"


Nice photos :smile:

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Что можно сказать об этом полковнике?


What can be said about this colonel?


Представитель военной юстиции со знаком военного судьи на левом кармане униформы.

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Большое спасибо, коллега. Очень признателен. Военных румынских юристов у меня в коллекции среди атрибутированных фото ещё не было! Замечательно!

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Коллеги, что то давно этот раздел не пополнялся. :sad: Размещу пару фотографий - возможно, уважаемые эксперты смогут сказать что-то интересное! :flag_ro:

Colleagues, that for a long time this section has not been replenished. I posted a couple of photos - perhaps respected experts will be able to say something interesting!



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Photo 5:


"Locot. Mitica Radoiu (?)

Reg. 45 Infant.



"Lieutenant Mitica Radoiu (?)

45 Infantry Regiment



Photo 13:

"Da te rog una si lui (???) Sainescu (?)

Era sa vin p'acolo azi dar mi-am luat seama avem niste serbari - poate sambata viitoare daca nu plecati cu toti in concediu. [signature undecipherable]

Primeste te rog pe langa fotografia dupa vapor unde ai venit pe la 1/2!! ai mutra mea, ca sa nu ma uiti

Cum chiar fara fotografie eu nu pot uita societatea sfanta pe care aci geaba o caut

sarutari de mana d-nei si multa sanatate

Cap. Gherman


lui Cap. Turtureanu



"Please, give one [foto] to (???) Sainescu too

I was to come over there today but I realized [that] we have some festivities - maybe next Saturday if you don't go all [of you] on vacation.

Receive, please, besides the photo on the boat where you came at around 1/2!!you have my phiz so you won't forget me

As - even without a photo - I cannot forget the holy society which I search it in vain here.

Hand-kisses to [your] lady [sorry, I don't know the correct expression in English language] and good health

Captain Gherman


To Captain Turtureanu




Photo 17:

"Spre aducere aminte

Sublocotenent Demetru Georgescu



In remembrance

Sublocotenet Demetru Greorgescu




The other photos - I need to study them a little more.

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