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King Alexander I of Yugoslavia (Romanian) regimental 7 year badge

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King Alexander was the ceremonial commander of the Regimentul 2 Vânători de Gardă nr. 9 „Regele Alexandru I al Iugoslaviei” and he was awarded the 7 year regimental badge.


Andrew, Mr. Mirel Eugen of traditia-militara.ro (he is an historian and researcher) helped us resolve the mystery, the badge looked like this, see photo below (photo comes from the 1934 monography of the regiment):



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Many thanks, Mircea!

The point I'm curious about that badge is: I completed an article on decorations of Alexander I, the first King of Yugoslavia, and made a list of Romanian orders and badges he was awarded. Thus it's important to know what was the exact name of the regiment when the King was decorated with the regimental badge. As far as I know, the regiment changed its name to Regimentul 2 vânători de gardă Nr.9 "Regele Alexandru I al Iugoslaviei" according to the Decret Regal Nr.1949 din 6 iunie 1930.

Alexander was assasinated on October 09, 1934. So, did he receive the badge before 1930 or within 1930-1934? If the former is correct, what was the name of the regiment then? Was it ever called Regimentul 9 Vânători “Regele Alexandru I al Sârbilor, Slovenilor şi Croaţilor”?

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