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Санитарно-медицинский персонал

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It´s not a regular Stabsarzt. It a so-called "Landsturmpflichtiger Arzt in Stabsarztstelle"

That means, he was a civilian doctor, who was called-up to serve in the army as a doctor with the rank of a Stabsarzt.

Спасибо, Andreas! :LaieA_050:
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У нижнего чина шифровка - 12. Можно ли определить подразделение?


Быть может, гренадерский Принца Карла Прусского (2-й бранденбургский) полк № 12 или Королевский баварский 12-й пехотный полк "Принц Арнульф"?

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Hello Andrew!

If medic troops came from the Train-Detachments, they had swedish cuffs.

Krankenträger (stretcher-bearer) and Krankenwärter (hospital orderlies) had brandenburg cuffs!

The difference between those both were, that stretcher-bearer had red shoulder straps and hospital orderlies dark-blue ones with light blue pipings.

First those medics had a yellow arabic number of the army corps upon the shoulder straps.

But here we have a grey shoulder strap. Maybe just an orderly-duty-soldier?

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Саша, можешь посмотреть мою статью на сайте, как раз посвященную врачам Ландштурма: http://antique-photo...rm-doctors.html

Андрей, спасибо! Статья замечательная! :JC_doubleup:

Оттуда и пример петлицы взял. :LaieA_050:

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