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Генералы Людвиг Фрайхерр фон Фалькенхаузен и Магнус фон Эберхард

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Hello Chik!

Which number do you read upo the helmet cover? Probably a 70? That coukld fit to the postcards atelier in Saarbrücken. Home of the Inf.Rgt.70

The regiment was generally under command of the 32.Inf.Brig. (31.Inf.Div.)


Commanders 32.Inf.Brig.:

20.5.13-31.3.15: Karl v. Behr

31.3.15-22.10.15: Rudolf v. L´Estocq

22.10.15-30.7.16: Carl Wilhelm Wilhelmi

30.7.16-8.9.16: Robert v. Bernuth

8.9.16-1.11.17: Franz Gustav Freiherr v. d. Wenge v. Lambsdorff

1.11.17-12.8.19: Adolph Feldtkeller


Commanders 31.Inf.Div.:

18.2.13-26.8.16: Albert v. Berrer (from Württemberg)

26.8.16-27.11.17: Georg Nagel

27.11.17-18.1.19: Paul v. Wiesel

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The bearded general is Ludwig Freiherr von Falkenhausen. The general with the stick is Magnus von Eberhard and the officer with the number 70 on his helmet is Friedrich Stadthagen of Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 70.




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