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Надписи на обороте - имена, место фотографирования и дата.


Hard to say. I can recognize two places. Husum and Lauenburg/Celle. Husum is an island at the german northsea coast and Lauenburg/Celle are two towns near Hannover. Both places belonged to the X. Army corps (Hannover)

After armistice there were the following Freikorps:


Freiwilligen Jägerkorps Niedersachsen (Hannover)

Freikorps Caspari (Vreden)

Freikorps Oldenburg

Schützen-Bataillon Pflugradt (Goslar)

Freiwilligen-Regiment Tüllmann (Munster)

Freiwilligen-Bataillon Rheinland (Osnabrück)


There were other units of th X. army corps, which had set-up units for the Reichswehr in march 1919:

Füs.Rgt.73 > I./Rw.19

Inf.Rgt.74 > II./Rw.19

Inf.Rgt.77 > II./Rw.20

Inf.Rgt.79 and Inf.Rgt.164 > I./Rw.20


In june 1919 they formed the Reichswehr-Brigade 10 (Hannover)

The Inf.Rgt.77 was in Celle, so I think, these men were members of that regiment, just after forming the II./Rw.20.

So, regular troops, no Freikorps!

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