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Well, the dedication written in old, i.e. pre-1918 orthography, reads: "А.Аудумъ. Чемпионатъ Россiи и Каламяжскаго шоссе. Meisterfahrer über Russland". Being written partially in Russian, its meaning still puzzles me a bit. Dedication might be roughly translated as "Russian Championship and Kolomyazhskaya Beltway". Why "and" while it should have been "at", I don't know :scratch_one-s_head: No date is mentioned so I'm not able to go further. German portion of the inscription indicates that here we have a photo of Meisterfahrer, i.e. "Champion Bicylcle Driver" who won prize while completing race in Saint Petersburg, the then capital of the Russian Empire. His name is written at the top of the passe-partout - "A.Audum" or "A.Aoudoum". Whether he was Russian subject or foreigner, I really don't know.

Kolomyazhskaya beltway was constructed in 1856, so that date doesn't help to narrow timeframe the photo was taken.

So bottom line is that this CDV shows professional cyclist named A.Audum who won bicycle race held in the Russian capital at the end of XIX century.

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