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Фон Гинденбург и Хайе в пехотной школе Дрездена в октябре 1925 г.

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Фон Гинденбург и Август Вильгельм Хайе.

Фотография из подборки :yes:


На снимке президент республики с главнокомандующим 1-м военным округом посещают пехотную школу Дрездена в октябре 1925 года.


Ценность представляет фотограф: Robert Wihlhelm Sennecke (https://de.wikipedia...Robert_Sennecke), на счету которого тысячи фото-отчётов с манёвров и официальных торжеств с участием высоких лиц во всех регионах страны.

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Несмотря на то, что на лицевой стороне проставлены цифры, на обороте подписаны лишь Гинденбург (№ 1) и фон Сеект (№ 5). Есть ли возможность опознать остальных высокопоставленных лиц?


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Есть ли возможность опознать остальных высокопоставленных лиц?


О посещении Дрезденского пехотного училища информации мало.


Помимо указанных, могу опознать ещё трёх лиц:


Ганс Ценкер



Отто Гесслер



Оскар фон Гинденбург



Что касается помеченных номерами:


1 — президент фон Гинденбург

2 — министр обороны Гесслер

З — ? ? ?

4 — адмирал Ценкер

5 — генерал Хайе

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Hmm, I also read "v. Falkenhorst".

In the ranklist of honour only one v. Falkenhorst was mentioned. Major in Gren.Rgt.Nr.7 (last duty: Staff of the german general in Finland and since 1919 in the Reichswehrministerium (Heeresabteilung T1 = detachement T1 (so also mentioned in the ranklist 1925)

I can´t recognize his collars. Is he a general? In the 1925 ranklist is no general called "Falk..."

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:scratch_one-s_head: I dunno... :pardon:

However, judging from the caption on the back the one who made it wasn't fully aware of real persons he put the names of, i.e. he had written "5. v[on] Seeckt" while the General in fact was August Wilhelm Heye! So there's a little trust to the name "v[on] Falkenhorst", it could have been another General, either retired or still active at that moment...

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So the the script might be wrong.

The ranklist of 1925 shows the following generals:


v. Seeckt, Reinhardt, v. Poseck

Lieutenant Generals:

v. Loßberg, v. Horn, Bleidorn, Müller, Hasse (Ernst), Heye, Hasse (Paul), v. Tschischwitz, Frhr. v. Kressenstein, Frhr. v. Ledebur, Ritter v. Danner, Wurtzbacher, Edelbüttel, v. Jagow

Major Generals:

v. Pawelsz, Wöllwarth, Hasse (Otto), Reinicke, Ritter v. Haack, Ritter v. Ruith, Frhr. v. Forstner, Frhr. v. Botzheim, v. Kayser, Weiß, Mand, Guhl, Schwager, Wetzell, Frhr. v. Esebeck, v. Amsberg, v. Metzsch, Föhrenbach, Ludwig, v. Ratzmer, v. Graberg, v. Viereck, Frhr. Loeffelholz v. Colberg, v. Brandenstein, Fischer


There is only one v. Falkenhorst. Major v. Falkenhorst (promoted 1.2.25), in Heeresabteilung. In 1928 he still was Major in I.Btl./1.(preuß.) Inf.Rgt.


I´m not sure about the date! First, the Infantry-school was in Munich, it came to Dresden in 1926!

Could it be, that N°3 is Generalleutnant v. Falkenhausen? He was commander of the Infanterie-Schule in Dresden since 1927!


In 1925 he was commander of 10.(saxon) Inf.Rgt. Promotoed to colonel 1.4.24, promoted to Gen.Maj. 1.4.28

In that case, the photo was not taken in 1925, but in 1928!

In 1928, Hindenburg was Commander of "Gruppenkommando 1 Berlin", v. Seeckt left the army october 1926!!!!! So I assume, N°5 is NOT v. Seeckt, but HEYE (check the moustache, v. Seeckt´s was shorter)



Lieutenant-General Heye in 1925 was commander of 1st Division (promoted 1.4.22), but in 1928 "Chef der Heeresleitung" as Gen.d.Inf. (promoted 1.12.24)

The naval officer could be Admiral Zenker (Chef Marineleitung - check the moustache too...):


N° 2 is Otto Gessler:


So, Ivan was absolutely right!

So, I bet, the 1925 should be 1928!!!!




1) v. Hindenburg

2) Otto Gessler

3) v. Falkenhausen

4) Zenker

5) Heye

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Hello Glenn!

Well, that´s an argument...

v. Amsberg lead the Schießschule until end of january 1927. Heye replaced v. Seeckt in november 1926.

So then, the photo must have been taken between early in november 1926 and end of january 1927. Do you agree?

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