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Funker Kurt Donath, 16.Komp., Ausbildungs-Bataillon, 8.(Preußisches) Infanterie-Regiment

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A Section from the 16th Company of the Training Battalion (Ausbildungs-Bataillon) of the 8. (Preußisches) Infanterie-Regiment, photographed in Lübben, Lower Lusatia, photographed before March 1933. One Unteroffizier and all the Men wear the issue eight-button Model 1920 Service Tunic (Dienstrock), while the Oberschütze behind the table wears a what looks like a private-purchase tunic, and the Unteroffizier to his right wears the piped ‘Walking Out’ Tunic (Ausgehrock), introduced in 1927, which was also a private-purchase item. The Oberschütze appears to be an N.C.O. Candidate (Unteroffizieranwärter).


Signalman (Funker) Kurt Donath is marked by a cross.


The 8.(Preußisches) Infanterie-Regiment was raised on the 1st January 1921, with Regimental H.Q. and 1st Battalion at Frankfurt (Oder), and its Training Battalion at Lübben. The Regiment was a component unit of 3. Division. The 16th Company maintained the traditions of Brandenburgisches Jäger-Bataillon Nr. 3.


In 1934 the Regiment was renamed Infanterie-Regiment Frankfurt (Oder), and from its ranks a second unit was also raised, Infanterie-Regiment Görlitz.


From October 1931 to October 1933, the Commanding Officer of the Regiment was the future Generalfeldmarschall Erwin von Witzleben (1881-1944), executed for his role in the 20th July Plot against Hitler.


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Reverse of the photograph:


Abs(ender) Funker Kurt Donath

Lübben N.-L.

16. Komp Inf. Regt. 8


From Signalman Kurt Donath

Lübben, Niederlausitz (i.e. Lower Lusatia)

16th Company, 8th Infantry Regiment.


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These umlauts will be the death of me!!! :lol2:


Thanks Andrew, now you mention it, it does appear as a hook to the 'D' . . . when I first came to transcribe it, I did double check, doing a random web search, and when I found some examples of Dönath, I thought that must be it!! I've amended the name in the posts - I'll leave it up to you to change it in the title of the topic!!

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