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As far as I know this badge is called: „Insigna 7 ani Școala Superioară de Război”.


I must say that your translation is not so good, the Military Academy (Academia Militară - started 13 iunie 1847) and the Higher School of War (Școala Superioară de Război - started 8 august 1889) are two different things, the first trained officers of different specialities: infantry, cavalry, artillery, etc. and the latter trained officers to become General Staff officers.


Issuance criteria: the teaching officer must have had served 7 years with the Higher School of War.

Approximate number of awards: unfortunately I have no idea.

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Thanks, Mircea! So that means that the badge was issued to the teaching staff after completing seven years of professor career? By the way I've seen once a portrait of H.R.M. Carol II wearing that kind of badge. I suppose he've been issued with it as a honorary professor of the High School.

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Please have a look at the final version of a new article.


Insigna 7 Ani Şcoala Superioară de Război / Military High School Instructor’s Badge


The badge was instituted in 1931 and was issued to lecturers, instructors and professors attached to the Military High School (Şcoala Superioară de Război) with a length of teaching experience exceeding seven years. The institution itself was founded much earlier, nearly half a century before, on August 08, 1889 according to a Royal Decree No. 2073/1889.

Military High School Instructor’s Badge has an oval shape and represents stylized divergent rays with a central medallion bearing crowned monogram of the Romanian king Carol I during whose reign an institution had been established. Monogram is encircled by a name of the School in capital letters: “Şcoala Superioară de Război”. A ribbon with a Latin motto “Alere Flammam” with a stylized torch and two laurel branches superimposed on its center is placed at the bottom of the badge.

Its worth mentioning here that “Alere Flammam” is a shortened version of a Latin catchphrase “Alere Flammam Veritatis” accredited to a Roman poet Ovid and literally translated as “Feeding the flame of verity”. That motto is still widely used by modern institutions of higher learning.

The badge (45x58 mm approximately) was made of silvered brass with gilt finish of the royal monogram and elements at its bottom, the motto remained black in color.

Military High School Instructor’s Badge was worn attached by a pin and catching hook on the right breast pocket of a tunic.

It was issued since 1931 until the abolishment of the monarchy on December 30, 1947.

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