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I scaned a few photos (unfortunately the quality is not so good):


1. Grigore Nicolaescu, sublocotenent dorobantzi (from book "Ion Mocioi - "Ecaterina Teodoroiu")

2. Romanian Equestrian Team, Paris 1937 - Henri Rang, Toma Tudoran, Petre Kirculescu, Felix Topescu, Constantin Apostol, Constantin Zahei (from Emanuel Fantaneanu - "Calarie de la A la Z")

3. Romanian Equestrian Team, Nice 1931- Henri Rang, Vladimir Constantinescu, Grigore Vulturescu, Petre Kirculescu, Grigore Niculescu, Gheorghe Magherescu (from Emanuel Fantaneanu - "Calarie de la A la Z")

4. Colonel Emilian Ionescu, aghiotant regal (from Arhiva "Cotidianul", nr. 8 / 26 August 1994)

5. King Michael I (from Arhiva "Cotidianul", nr. 8 / 26 August 1994)

6. Constantin Ganescu, descendent of Dimitrie Cantemir (from "Banateanul", 29 january - 4 february 2007)

7 Vanatori (Chasseurs), 1877 (from "Magazin istoric" May 1977)


I didn't see these photos on the Internet so I thought they could be interesting








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На фото 2.2. , xоть качество изображения “не фонтан”, могу отметить что как минимум один из персонажей - не служит в кавалерии - вероятнее всего он офицер пешей гвардии.

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