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Подборка фотографий итальянского сапера

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Звание в Итальянской Королевской армии у капралов и сержантов было на рукаве, у старшин на погонах.

Ничего этого на фото не показано, увы :))) Но думаю, рядовой или унтер-офицер.

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Если я все правильно сопоставил, то перед нами участник оккупации Албании, возможно участник итало-греческой войны, после чего в составе частей 12-й армии участвовал в оккупации Югославии.

Прошу так же высказаться по подлинности.

post-992-0-19539600-1503435756_thumb.jpg post-992-0-94027400-1503435771_thumb.jpg

Надписи на грузовике читаемы


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In the top photo, we see this man belonging to a divisional engineer unit, as behind the black, piped crimson, single 'flame' which indicated the engineer arm-of-service, is a divisional collar patch. Of those divisions of the Royal Italian Army and which either served in the Yugoslav campaign of 1941, or undertook occupation duties in Yugolsavia thereafter, and which had this design of patch (i.e. bisected by a single stripe), we can identify the following:


15th Infantry Division 'Bergamo'

  • 36th Pioneer Company (1940 & 1943)

52nd Infantry Division 'Torino'

  • LVII Engineer Battalion (1940)
  • LII Engineer Battalion (1943)

19th Infantry Division 'Venezia'

  • 76th Engineer Company (1940)

The photograph is dated 21/08/1941, and the location of 'Berane' is given, a town in northeast Montenegro. This was the location of the Headquarters of the 19th Infantry Division 'Venezia', which had landed in Montenegro in July, 1941. Before occupation duties in Montenegro, the division had been in Albania . . . at Ersekë (as we see in a subsequent photo).


The breast badge is the Lion of St Mark, the symbol of Venice (Venezia), and therefore must be being used here as a divisional badge: this was the same insignia used by Italy's naval infantry, the 'San Marco' Battalion (later regiment), who, depending on uniform, usually wore the lions on collar patches or cuffs.



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