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Certificat: ''Barbatie si Credinta'' cu spade clas Ia / Medalia ''Vulturul German''

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Here's an interesting certificate issued on August 31, 1992 (!!!) to a 84-years old WW2 veteran Grigore Dragomirescu. It states he participated in fighting against the Red Army since the very first day of the war, i.e. June 22, 1941 being an employee of a "Secret information service" in Ploiesti.

Grigore Dragomirescu was decorated with a "Barbatie si Credinta" medal with swords, 1st class as well as with a certain German medal - "Vulturul German".


Could you please provide a translation of his designation during the first stage of war in Ploiesti and give some info on what the Service did during the war?

Another question regarding his German award - what medalia "Vulturul German" stands for?


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He was the aid of the chief in the Secret Intelligence Service (SSI) Ploiești center. You can read more about the Romanian SSI history, includind WW2, if you open this pdf: http://istorie.ucdc....e/11_Tanase.pdf the info its in English language ant it is very interesting.


Medalia "Vulturul German" stands for: Verdienstorden vom Deutschen Adler or the English version here: Order of the German Eagle.

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