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Королева-консорт Румынии Мария / Maria Regină a României

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Nice photo, unfortunately I cant make out from the photo what she wears on the long ribbon.

The one to the left is King Ferdinand I, and the one standing behind the King possibly general Constantin Cristescu.

The King is wearing marshals epaulettes on a M1916 officers tunic, he received the marshal honorary title on December 1st, 1918, I think the photo is taken during 1919 campaign against communist Hungary because I saw some photos where the King wore similar clothes.


Here is a photo from around 1926 with King Ferdinand (he wears an M1925/6 air-force cap) and Queen Marie of Romania.



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What does she wear as a neck award on a long ribbon? Is it an award or just a jewellery?

На шее королевы Марии не награда, а ювелирное украшение. Если бы качество и размер фото позволяли бы "разогнать" его по-МАКСИМу, то можно было бы увидеть как на самом деле выглядит то, что Вы называете лентой. А выглядит - следующим образом:



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