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Кирасиры? Фото интересно еще тем, что отпечатано на бумаге Agfa 1940-х годов. Вероятно, кто-то из родственников заказал в ателье пересъемку старинного портрета.


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Yes. Kürassier and Infanterie. But I can´t find out which regiment. The Kürassier wears the blue tunic, so we have to find out which colour is the ca-band and the cuffs. I suppose blue or red.

Blue: Regiment 3

Red: Regiment 4

Maybe green for Regiment 8

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Hello Andrew!

Could you please show the reverse? Because of the style of the atelier maybe I can see, in which decade the photo was taken.

But I also think, it´s from the 70s, maybe late 60s. The 5th cuirassiers were founded in 1717 and fought 1813-1815 against France, 1866 against Austria and 70/71 against France,


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Unfortunately I can't provide scan of the reverse: I managed to find this portrait in one of the albums and it's not actually a CDV, but an albumen print (photo on a very thin paper) that had to be fixed to the passepartout. Instead of the latter, it was glued to a simple piece of carton paper...

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