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Румынские солдаты в камуфляже / Romanian soldiers in camouflage uniform

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Today I received answer on the Romanian forum, Mr. Kepi the expert from the Military Museum in Bucharest, says this was not standard Romanian equipment but the camouflage shirt is made from a German ”Zeltbahn”, anyway a rare photo with this kind of equipment in use. :JC_doubleup:


Judging on the pants and Romanian style leather ankle leggings the man wearing the ”Zeltbahn” shirt is a Romanian officer from the mountain troops, like all others in the photo. What is strange, is that he wears an Italian Bustina Field Cap http://www.iwm.org.u...object/30100808 which was introduced first in 1933: http://www.germanmil...os/C021966.html


And now comes the nice part, in a photo from my grandfather http://www.forum.ant...ndpost__p__4392 also appears an officer that wears the same Italian Bustina Field Cap (an item I couldn't identify until today because its not Romanian), what is even more strange, he also appears to to be from the mountain troops, maybe an instructor for the Palace Guard Battalion, if you look close it looks it is the same man: face looks the same, both are from the mountain troops, both smoke and both wear the unusual Italian Bustina Field Cap, or its only my imagination?



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