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Летчики. Портретные фотографии / Portrete de aviatori

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Name on the back is: comandor aviator MÂNDRESCU TEODOR.


I managed to find little info on him in an article written by historian Vasile Tudor:


He was a Romanian born Bessarabia (today Moldavian Republic) on 4th September 1891 in Bogzesti, Orhei County.

Odessa Military High School graduate.

Officers Preparatory School graduate from Ciugaev City, in 1913, as chief of promotion.

Because he achieved the highest average mark among Officers Preparatory School graduates he was cited by ”Order of ther day” and received the prize established for this purpose by Field Marshal Count Miliutin.

After graduation promoted to lieutenant and assigned to 4th Battalion in Kiev, headed to the front with 3rd Army on 28 august 1914.

Appears that he fought bravely and was decorated.

At his request, in February 1916, seconded to flight school in Sevastopol, and on 31 May 1916 received his wings as a reconnaissance pilot.

Sent back to the front, but as a pilot, fought in the 1st and 8th armies.

Since February 1917, he began to fly as fighter pilot, without special training, and on 30 October 1917 shot down an enemy plane.

In December 1918 he arrived in Chisinau, making its contribution to the unification of Bessarabia with Romania.


In the interbellum era he commanded some military flight schools: 1923 - Cluj, 1926 - Cluj, 1929 - Buzău, 1936 - Aeronautics Warehouse from Cristian-Brasov. It appears he retired in 1938.

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Yes, nice one. :ok: He wears a M1934 ceremony uniform, and a M1930 aviation officer sword. Miniatures are the King Carol II era (1930-1940) pilot and observer badges. :smile:


Dragei noastre mame, dela Sandra și Puiu/ 3.III.1940” translation: ”To our beloved mother, from Sandra and Puiu/ 3.III.1940”

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