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I just got answer on the Romanian forum from Mr. Corneliu Andonie via Mr. Kepi (H.V. Șerbănescu), whom both work at the Military Museum in Bucharest. The exact name of the insignia is: Semnul distinctiv pentru invalizi (The distinguishing sign for invalids) and was introduced by Decret Regal nr. 850 / 9.IV.1918. It was to be worn on the right side of the chest, not on the left side like in the photo above.


It is interesting that he wears an blue-grey M1916 or an khaki M1921 officers tunic, whilst he is an NCO with the rank of ”plutonier”. :scratch_one-s_head:

His cavalry rosette instead of the usual button on the epaulettes, in combination with the photographers home town, lets me think he served with the 7th Călărași Regiment from Brăila (Regimentul 7 Călărași de la Brăila). :smile:


PS. Andrew, the photo above is in my top 10 favorite Romanian Army photos all of time, you are lucky to own it. Congratulations! :ok: :LaieA_050:

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Din partea mea, spre amitire la rude, dată la 12 iunie 1925, pentru unchiul Șotir și Țața Neaga. Nepot Tănase Bojan.

From me, as a memory for my relatives, given today 12 June 1925, for uncle Șotir and Țața Neaga. Your nephew Tănase Bojan.

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Thank you, Mircea !

In 27th February 1922 year 40 best romanian soldiers receive Polish Order Virtuti Militari .

Sergeant Tănase Bojan receive Order # 9736 .


I have in my collection Order # 9715 - was awarded to Romanian Army Major Vasile Ionescu .

Can you help me to find some Information about this Major ?

Thank you,



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