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Can't tell much about the uniforms, I think the period is somewhere between 1935-1940. The two stripes on the sleeve means rank of ”caporal”, and the round patch on the sleeve means ”mechanic”.

The two different cap tallies: "Baza Constanta" and "...a de Submar..." could mean Nava Bază Constanța, see here: http://www.worldwar2.ro/arr/?language=en&article=354 and the other, maybe: ”Școala de Submarine” (U boat School).

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On the back is written: Amintire făcută pe gheață în campania 1937, la pupa bricului Mircea/ Cap. R. Cragan(?) Galați; translation: Memory made ​​on the ice in 1937 campaign, at the Micea's boat stern; the boat is the first school ship named „Mircea” 1882 - 1944 ( see photo below), the second school ship named „Mircea” entered service in 1939 and is still in service today.



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Portrait of an unknown Comandor while visiting certain German warship.

Nice photos Andrew. :good:

I believe the German is admiral Karl-Georg Schuster, commander of Marinegruppenkommandos Süd, and the Romanian is Comandor Nicolae Bardescu (identified from the photo below). :smile:



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29.07.2021 в 20:32, Freiwillige сказал:

Thank you for the identification and welcome to our board! :drinks: 

As for the Romanian officer, do you agree with the opinion posted above?

In the photo - definitely not Karl Georg Schuster.

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