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Польские легионы армии Австро-Венгрии

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Corporal and Private, Polish Legions (Legiony Polskie), circa 1916. The uniforms and rank insignia varied greatly amongst the units of the Polish Legions founded by Pilsudski, some having distinct national features, and others, as here, barely distinguishable from regulation Austro-Hungarian uniform. These men are most likely from II Brigade (II Brygada Legionów Polskich), which until 1916 wore standard Austro-Hungarian rank insignia, albeit, and much to their disgust, with the rosette of army administrative oficials rather than the rank-stars usually indicative of military rank; the infantry regiments of II Brigade wore green collar patches. Note the addition of foliage to the field-cap as a traditional ‘Feldzeichen’, the mixture of leather and ‘Ersatz’ waistbelts, the absence of ammunition pouches, and the obsolete, single-shot, 11mm Werndl rifle (Model 1867/77 or 1873/77), with ‘Säbelbajonett Modell 1870’. The Werndl had been a popular rifle with the pre-war, paramilitary Polish Rifle Squads (Polskie Drużyny Strzeleckie).


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Oh, Yes! I made the picture more biggest and saw that Corporal instead of military stars on the collar worn stars of military officials. It really Poles!


Ukrainian volotiers never worn military officials rang insignia, but had own original system:


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