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Русский солдат на Румынском фронте

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By January 22, there were fights between Russian Army troops that joined the Bolshevist revolution and Romanian Army troops for the town of Galats. I am not sure if the Russian solder in the photo joined the Bolsheviks, or stayed true to the Tsar. :scratch_one-s_head: :smile:

PS. maybe Andrew can translate!


К 22 января 1918 г. за город Галац шли бои между румынскими подразделениями и русскими частями, перешедшими на сторону большевиков. Сложно сказать, перешел ли запечатленный на фотографии солдат на сторону большевиков, или остался верен присяге.

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You welcome! :smile: Here is a press photo depicting Russian cavalry marching trough the Romanian town of Brăila (32 km from Galați), I am not sure about the date, maybe 1917 or 1918. The the street clock still exists today, take a look here: http://bucuresti.tou...iata-traian.jpg



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