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First row, first badge.

Inscription “Gruppa SN TOF” stands for “Gruppa Spezial’nogo Naznachenija Tikhookeanskogo Flota”, or “Special Operation Forces Group of the Pacific Fleet”. The badge was manufactured in 1995 in Estonia (!) for distribution among the personnel of the 114th Brigade of Ships for the Close Protection of a Sea Area. The very first, i.e. original batch amounted to 350 pieces. Die stamps were subsequently used for unofficial (commercial) production of similar badges for collectors but with different colour scheme.


First row, second badge.

ЛМК ВМФ stands for “Lomonosovsky Morskoy Kollej” or “Lomonosovsky Naval College”. It was established on April 27, 1946 as “Lomonosovskoe Morekhodnoe Uchilishche” (Lomonosovskoe Marine School) according to the Decree of the State Defence Committee dated July 24, 1945 and Order of the Minister of the Soviet Navy dated April 27, 1946. On January 01, 1992 the School was renamed College.

Graduate badge you show was presented to those graduating from that institution as deep water military divers and had to be worn on uniform.


Second row, first badge.

“39-ВМ АСШ” abbreviation stands for “39 Voenno-Morskaya Avarijno-Spasatel’naya Shkola”, or “Naval Search-and-Rescue School No.39” of the Black See Fleet. That badge was also intended for wearing on uniform.

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