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Huge cardboard photo of Ottoman soldiers posed in Constantinopol studio in 1909.


The question is: why inscription was made in Romanian? Any special relations between Romania and Ottoman Empire during that period?


I don't think they are Ottoman solders, I think they are Aromanians http://en.wikipedia....wiki/Aromanians / http://en.wikipedia....y_of_Aromanians / http://en.wikipedia....ns_in_Macedonia / http://ro.wikipedia....ki/Arom%C3%A2ni they are related to the Romanian people and they are the original population of the Balkans before the Slav population came from the north. Like us Romanians, the Aromanians population have the same ancestors - Thracians http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thracians + Romans http://en.wikipedia....ki/Roman_Empire , because of this common ancestry our languages are very similar and we understand each other, this led to a very close relationship between Romania and the Aromanias living under the rule of the Ottoman empire. Romania supported the Aromanians revolt against the Turks and I think this photo is from the time of such a revolt.

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În amintirea dilei* de 10 Aprilie 1909 - CONST/POL**

In memory of 10 April 1909 day - CONST/POL


* the word: ”dilei” it is in Aromanian language, in Romanian language is written: zilei” and means:day

** In am not sure if ”CONST/POL” means Constantinopol, it can also mean something else, but at this moment I don't know what!?

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