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Шеволежер Королевского баварского 4-го шеволежерского полка "Король"

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4th Chevaulegers regiment.

Visit of the bavarian minister of war (6th cavalry brigade commander) february 14, 1918. at Ersatz-Depot 4.th Chev.Rgt.


1) Secretary Hillenbrand

2) Rendant Schnabl

3) Feldw Ltn upper Meier..

4) H.?lfs?zahlmstr. Geis

5) Offz. Deputy. Hertle

6) Offz. Deputy. Gold Bruner

7) Regts. Sattler Fahres

8) Uoffz. Fahres

9) Uzahlmstr. Mayer

10) Gen. d. Kav. v. Hellingrath war Minister

11) Wachtmstr. Pfeifer

12) Maj v. Hosslin

13) Major v. Rege man? Commander.? the Ers. 4. depots Chev. Regts.

14) UZM. Herhammer (over the "m" is a long horizontal line, so that "mm")

15) Zahlm. App. Uffz Andreae

16) Lieut-Colonel. Skirt

17) Capt. Wolf, Adjudant s. KM

18) Oberleutn. Frh. V. Pechmann

19) Major-General v. S c h r o t t

20) General Ltn. Mgr. V. Henigst



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