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Атрибуция трех портретов военнослужащих Германской империи

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1) unknown unit, NCO, shooting award 2nd class, service medal for 9 years. There was an NCO-preschool in Weilburg. Maybe it´s a member of the staff of that school. The atelier was founded in 1894.

2) musician, 1st battalion/ Foot-artillery regiment 13 (Württemberg), NCO, Centenary medal, service medal for 9 years. Note: Ulm was in Württemberg and Neu-Ulm was in Bavaria

3) unknown unit, subaltern officer, Commemorative medal 1870/71. In Altona was Inf.Rgt.31, in Hamburg was Inf.Rgt.76. Atelier D. Wettern existed in Hamburg from 1881-1915 and in Hamburg AND Altona from 1882-1891.

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The white stripe stands for the commanding to NCO schools and pre-schools. White shoulder straps had a blue stripe, all other colours had white stripes.

Thank you, Andreas!

That corresponds to your guess above. So we have an Unteroffizier from the first ever Unteroffiziersvorschule that was founded Weilburg in 1877!

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