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Heeresgruppe Mackensen in Rumania, turkish officers

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Does anyone have an officers list of the High command of Heeresgruppe Mackensen in 1917 including turkish officers?

I need to know who signed this paper (it´s for a visit of the imperial castle in Bucharest)

He was the Imperial Turkish authorized general staff officer in the high command of the army group Mackensen.

Major Tewfik (Binbaşı Tevfik): chief of staff 26th turkish Division

Oberleutnant Schuekri (Üsteğmen ŞÜkrÜ)

Oberleutnant Sirri (Üsteğmen Sırrı)

Leutnant Sureya (Teğmen SÜreyya): Btl.Kdr. II./tÜrk. 73.Inf.Rgt

Unteroffizier Chewfki (Astsubay Şevki)

signed, Major ???

Thanks a lot!


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