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Nice photo. A sub-section from the Machine-Gun Company of either the 1st Regiment of Carabiniers ( 1er régiment de carabiniers / 1ste regiment carabiniers ) or 2nd Regiment of Carabiniers ( 2e régiment de carabiniers / 2de regiment carabiniers ), all of whom wear the distinctive model 1872 Carabinier hat ( Chapeau retroussé a la corse de carabiniers mle . 1872 ). This 'Corsican' style head-dress had been a popular choice across Europe for light infantry units during the Napoleonic period. The pattern of rank insignia of the Corporal ( Caporal / Korporaal) on the left indicates that the photograph is of post-1911 date.


These troops are firing the DWM ( Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken ) ' Modell 1909 ', also know as the ' MG09 '; this was a lighter, export, version of the ' MG 08 ' in use with the Imperial German Army, and was the pattern of 'Maxim' gun adopted by Belgium just prior to the Great War.

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