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Most decorated junior officers from WW2 (EK1, EK2, Ord.Mihai Viteazul, etc.)

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WOW, that's a very nice photo Andrew, you're a lucky man to own it! :smile:


The one on the left wears the M1939 tunic (like the M1934 but the pocket flap has three corners) and the one on the right the more common M1934 officers tunic, judging by the collar tabs and sleeve embroidery, they served with a guards unit, I will check my sources later maybe they can be identified!

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Andrew, after I checked the list with military personnel awarded Mihai Viteazul Order în WW2 I cammed up with five names of juniror officers serving in Guard units (see below), as you can see two are from „Regimentul 1 vânători gardă nr. 2” and three are from „Regimentul 3 artilerie de gardă”, if we assume the „Locotenent” from the left and the „Sublocotenent” served in the same unit, than one of them is Locotenent (r.) Turnibuca S. Eugeniu-Tiberiu and the other one is Sublocotenent Finichi V. Alexandru ?! or Sublocotenent Sigmirean V. Traian ?! :scratch_one-s_head: :smile:

  • Locotenent Ababei A. Mihail - din Regimentul 1 vânători gardă nr. 2 "Regina Elisabeta a Greciei": DR 2886/17.10.1941 - cl. III
  • Locotenent Comşa V. Victor - din Regimentul 1 vânători de gardă nr. 2 "Regina Elisabeta a Greciei": DR 2886/17.10.1941 - cl. III

  • Sublocotenent Finichi V. Alexandru - din Regimentul 3 artilerie de gardă: DR 40/7.01.1942 - cl. III
  • Sublocotenent Sigmirean V. Traian - din Regimentul 3 artilerie gardă: DR445/12.02.1942 - cl. III
  • Locotenent (r.) Turnibuca S. Eugeniu-Tiberiu - din Regimentul 3 artilerie gardă: DR 2040/16.07.1942 - cl. III

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