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Гражданские лица с наградами / Civilians with decorations

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CDV writing in the corner is difficult to read but I give it a try: ?Fotografului Mar???.../ Cujbă Alexandru/ Comand.(antul) Pieței/ P. Capitan ... (followed by his signature in purple ink) translation: For the photographer Mar???.../ Cujbă Alexandru/ Market Commander/ P. Captain ... (followed by his signature in purple ink); not sure what to think bout this text besides his name was Cujbă Alexandru!


Medal is not military, maybe civilian, maybe is only something that looks like a medal, cant see what's on it. :scratch_one-s_head:

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Nice photo Andrew, I've seen the photo described as a photo of a former Romanian K.u.K. soldier taken prisoner on the Italian front and then volunteer in the Romanian Legion in Italy. I believe its a rare photo. Congrats!


On the back: Nicolăescu Ionești. Domnului Florea Ionescu Golești?. Nicolae ...?

Translation: Nicolăescu Ionești (the mai in the foto). for Mr. Florea Ionescu Golești?. Nicolae ...?.

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Many thanks, Mircea! Could you please provide any additional details on this badge?


Mr. Mirel Eugen, from traditia-militara.ro, just informed me that he found at the archives the correct name of the organisation that issued the ”U.O.R.” badge: ”UNIUNEA OFIȚERILOR de REZERVĂ și în retragere” (Reserve and retired Officers Union). No further info about the year it was introduced, sorry!

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Spre amintire din partea cumnatului d-vost (dumneavostră). Hristu Țoniof (?). 16 Noem.(brie) 1930. Bazangic

As a memory from your brother-in-law. Hristu Țoniof (?). 16 November 1930. Bazangic


Bazangic was a Romanian town form the Southern Dobrogea, now part of Bulgaria.

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