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Гражданские лица с наградами / Civilians with decorations

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Both insignia are of Societatea Ortodoxă Romană (Romanian Orthodox Society), writing of the slash reads: PREȘEDINTELE CENTRULUI CLUJ (Cluj Center President).

Unfortunately I cant read the backside, he begins with: Singura .... pe care am iubit-o ...? ... 6.II.1938 Cluj / Only .... I loved .... ...? ... 6.II.1938 Cluj

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Portrait of a decorated veteran, probably a former military doctor.


The person in the photo is Pompei Gheorghe Samarian, romanian doctor, famous for being the first historiographer of romanian medicine and farmacy. You may find more information on wikipedia: https://ro.wikipedia...eorghe_Samarian


Scan of a backside.


Deducing from the note on the backside, it was sent to my great-great uncle, Spiridon Mineu. I am very very interested of that photo's origin. Also, can you send me a higher quality copy in private, please?


Thank you in advance.

Hari Mineu

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