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First picture of three representing an unknown chap, it seems he survived the war. Here he wears the officer's M1912 tunic and a M1912 sub-lieutenant's kepi, his sword is also the officer's M1893, but strangely, his epaulettes show the rank of ”plutonier”. On the back: Foto „Rembrandt” Jassy. Photo taken circa 1913, maybe around the mobilisation for the Second Balkan War.



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Second photo. Here he has the rank of sub-lieutenant, uniform is M1916, black pants suggests artillery of cavalry. Photo dated on the back: 25 August 1916 (2 days before Romania etered the war). Unfortunately the regiments number on his kepi is not clearly seen, maybe a „28” for 28th Artillery Regiment - Râmnicu Sărat?!



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Thanks Andrew! Nothing special, in terms of equipment, in this photos but I like them because they tell a little story of someone life and service during WW1.


Unfortunately no info on the wound chevron! I asked the same question some time ago but then nobody knew anything. I will try again on the Romanian forum.

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