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Фотоподборка с Восточного Фронта / Eastern Front photo lot

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Предлагаю вашему вниманию подборку фотографий, сделанных румынским военнослужащим на временно оккупированной территории СССР. Информации о городах и местах, где были сделаны фотографии, увы, нет.


Group of photos made by a Romanian soldier in the Eastern Front, somewhere in the temporary occupied USSR territory. Unfortunately backsides don't contain any info, so exact locations will never be known...


Фото № 1. Разбитая советская техника.


Photo No.1. Destroyed military hardware.


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Nice lot!


№ 5. the gun looks like a M1935, 47mm Breda anti-tank gun, maybe in the Caucasus.

№ 6. I guess its a cavalry unit, they perform a „hora” folk dance.

№ 7. looks like a mountain troops.

№ 8. they wear boots, thus I guess artillery of cavalry.

№ 9. air-force uniforms.

№ 12. crashed/downed plane?

№ 15. I guess Caucasus, winter of 1942/43.

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